This is the place for answers to those nagging questions that keep us up at night.

Read what other business owners are asking and see if it relates to you.  I only reply to questions when I have confidence in my experience to offer an intelligent answer.  WARNING:  The answers may not always be warm and fuzzy  – but they’re always thoughtful.

On Choosing What to Outsource

It seems that nearly every part of a business’ operation can be outsourced. There are companies that provide sales, accounting, shipping, and even manufacturing to small businesses. What are the general rules for determining whether to outsource part of my business?

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On Hiring Your First Employee

I’m ready to hire my first real employee. I’ve been building my business alone up to this point, and it’s become busy enough for me to get help. What do I need to know before I hire?

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On An Owner’s Fear of Selling

I’m not a natural salesperson and it’s hurting my ability to grow my business. Even though I believe in the value of my product, I just can’t bring myself to go out there and pitch it to potential customers. Sometimes, I feel paralyzed or embarrassed when trying to convince someone to buy from me. How do I overcome this and learn how to sell?

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On Business Data & KPI’s

I don’t always know which financial metrics I should be paying attention to the most. How do I know that I’m using the right data to make decisions in my business?

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