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On Managing A Remote Workforce

Now that we’re working remotely, I feel like I don’t know what my employees are doing every day. How can I get better control?

Before you make any efforts to take control, or to “get a better handle” on how your employees are spending their time, ask yourself this question:  is business being conducted the way I expect?  In other words, is there an actual problem here that needs solving?  Employers become nervous when they can’t see work being done.  There is a natural worry that when their employees are out of sight, they’ll take advantage of them.  However, a huge benefit of remote work is that it boosts most people’s productivity by enabling them to manage their energy & attention on their own schedule. Unless there are indications that work is being left undone or incomplete, enjoy the fact that you no longer need to supervise employees like they’re children in school – now you can use that energy to grow your business.