Here's My Story

I’ve been hiring business professionals and building teams for over 20 years, and that experience has convinced me that there’s a better way to run small businesses.  By objectively and courageously looking at how our businesses operate;   how our customers interact with us;   and how our employees work … we can break the old, bullsh*t rules that limit our capacity for growth.

As the owner and chief servant of three business service companies, I’ve had the privilege of helping more than 700 businesses improve their organizations.  During this time, I’ve personally hired over 3,000 people to work in my customers’ and my own offices.

To balance out my knowledge of small business management, I dabble in a lot of fields I have no place messing with.  I’m a neophyte in the study of ancient cultures, Eastern and Western philosophy, and behavioral economics.  I also struggle beyond what’s reasonable to learn foreign languages, nutrition science, and guitar.  Oh, and I’m a rank amateur at golf, tennis, and mountain biking.

But I only have one life, maybe.     What about you?

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