What is Profit & Bliss

Profit and Bliss is how I define the core aspiration that small business owners have in common.  Profit in terms of money, yes!  But also in time, freedom, enjoyment, connections, and ultimately … happiness.  In other words, bliss.

Here, I share my observations and experiences from following my own path to profit and bliss.  Much of what I write is practical as it relates to owning your own business.  Some of it’s more philosophical and reflective.  My purpose for sharing it with you is to support your own journey.  I hope it helps.

What it's Not

This is not a place for empty platitudes or clickbait lists.  I don’t pretend to be a lifestyle or business coach.  There are plenty of people who dedicate their energy towards becoming influencers or self-declared gurus.  Not me.

I simply believe that there are better ways to run a business.  I don’t claim that they are easy.  My aim is to merely speak truth the way I see it. 

Mountain Imagery

You may notice a prevalence of mountain references in my posts.  Although I’m not a climber, I love to hike and scramble up mountain trails – for me, the journey is the high.

On my path, the mountain represents not so much a destination as a perspective.  It’s the place I like to go in order to remember what’s important.

Mountains are the most permanent, solid features on Earth.  Impervious to the environment around them, they do not change in human time.  They form, exist, and erode over eons.

The sheer scale and mass of a mountain generates its own power.  When you’re beside or on top of it, you can almost feel the vibratory energy emanating all around you.   And rather than feeling small and insignificant when close to it, one can recognize his/ her deep connection with the world we inhabit.